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Counselling for Depression

Depression is one of the most publicised and most well known of the emotional disorders. It is also the most researched and the mental health condition most associated with disability across the globe.

Depression can affect anyone, at any age. Depression can be profoundly debilitating, making it hard to even get up out of bed in the mornings. Depression can have a devastating impact not just on the person suffering from the condition but also their families and the community overall.

Whilst most people have heard of anti-depressant medications and may have even tried them before, many people do not know how psychological treatments work and how they can assist in managing depression more effectively.

Psychological treatments for depression target a number of important symptoms common to depression. The main aim of psychological treatment is to assist the person to engage with life again and to bring enjoyment and hope back into their life. Psychological treatments can benefit a person by assisting them to work through difficult life challenges and resolving past traumatic experiences. This allows the person to connect with hope for the future and build confidence in themselves.

Counselling may include assistance to develop life skills that assist in getting active again, improving exercise and sleep, and managing mood more effectively. Cognitive behaviour therapy teaches a person suffering from depression about the connection between our thoughts and feelings and behaviours, and how to best use this connection to manage mood more effectively. Focused psychological strategies assist a person to improve the way that they think so that the person can learn more effective thinking styles. This then allows the person to think more clearly and in a healthier way, to make better decisions through more effective problem-solving skills, and to engage and connect with people and life more fully.

Psychological treatment for depression also focuses on developing relationship skills which allow the person to build connections to others and the community overall. This may include developing a relationship with yourself and a deeper understanding of yourself including a sense of meaning and purpose for your life, and a sense of direction, allowing you to be confident in yourself and feel good about who you are as a person.

Research suggests that psychological treatments, especially those using cognitive behaviour therapy for depression, are very effective and often have a lower relapse rate than medications. Psychological therapy for depression is an excellent adjunct to medical treatment and people who use both medication and psychological treatments often do better in the longer term.

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