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Relationships Counselling

Whether you are in a committed relationship that is experiencing difficulties, or in a committed relationship that you would like to take to the next level, relationship counselling may be helpful for you. Even if you are single, but would like to find a partner or improve your relationships with friends and family, relationship counselling can benefit you.

Relationship counselling is more than learning better communication skills. Relationship counselling can assist you to better understand individual difference in the way you interact with each other and to better understand the dynamics of your relationship. It allows you an opportunity to explore as a couple how you both like to give and receive love differently and helps you to develop practical skills to help bring out the best in each other.

If you feel that the love and passion is gone and you are unsure if there is hope for the relationship or are unsure if the relationship can survive infidelity or emotional hardship, relationship counselling can be useful in clarifying how you feel at a time when your feelings may feel all confused and blurry. It can also assist in making difficult decisions regarding your relationship.

Whether you are coming to counselling as a couple or as an individual, relationship counselling can provide a lot of insight and practical strategies to assist in healing, and growing your intimate and family relationships.

If you are single, and would like to find a partner but feel that old patterns and obstacles are holding you back, relationship counselling may assist you in developing new skills, build confidence, overcome personal obstacles and develop new ways of connecting with people.

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