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What outcomes can I expect from counselling?

How can counselling, therapy, and psychology services help?

Counselling outcomes vary from person to person, depending on a range of factors such as client's motivation, openness to change, how hard the client is willing to work, the counsellor's knowledge, skills, and experience, how well the counsellor's and client's philosophies and theories about the issue are aligned, goodness of fit between counsellor and client, as well as current circumstances in the client's life which may either assist or hinder changes the client is trying to make.

Having said this, counselling and psychological therapy can be immensely beneficial. Counselling and psychological therapy can help by allowing you to gain:

Many people report immense benefits and personal rewards from having attended counselling and engaged in therapy, having developed a better understanding of the psychology underlying an issue. These benefits often include:

And many more...

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