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How are Counselling, Psychology, and Therapy practised at The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic?

Counselling is a space where we can give attention to what really matters to us. It is a process of exploration, a means to new insights, a way of gaining a sense of direction, a clearer vision of our goals, and most importantly strategies on how to get there!

Counselling is a process of addressing life's issues and challenges. It involves giving attention to the things we are saying to ourselves about a given situation, exploring our perceptions and their impact on our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. Counselling involves exploring our feelings and thoughts on a deeper level, allowing us to see a given situation, and, at times, ourselves, in a new light!

At The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic, we assist clients to explore how they are being in their relationships to themselves and others, and to life, and, most importantly, how they would like to be.
Counselling includes a psycho-educational component which provides you with information about what we know about human behaviour and human nature, drawing on a vast range of research findings and clinical observations in the field of psychology, as well as putting into context your life experience. It draws on all of what we know about psychology and what over a hundred years of psychology research has taught us about human behaviour and being human. Recent research in the area of neuroscience has yielded incredible insights into how the brain works, as well as the many ways in which brain and body are connected. Counselling and psychology greatly benefit from these findings and this increased understanding and therefore we need to take this information into account as we endeavour to find a way to deal with life's challenges.

Counselling allows you to learn new strategies to deal with feelings, thoughts, behaviours and relationships differently, to feel more empowered, accepting, in control, and allowing you to get more enjoyment from life.

At The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic, our mission is to not only relieve distressing symptoms and treat their underlying causes but ultimately to assist you, with all of our knowledge, expertise and professional experience in counselling and psychology, to allow you to reconnect with life and live a life you absolutely love.

Everyone struggles with certain situations, feelings, transitions, and life challenges.

Counselling is for normal people with normal, everyday issues and mental health concerns. Counselling provides a means of dealing with life's issues more effectively, often in less time; freeing you up to get on with what is truly important to you and preventing further struggles in future.

An example we often use to describe this is one of a heavy box...

If you had to carry a heavy box, you could struggle with it on your own and with persistence and a rest or two you may be able to carry it just fine. But, if you asked someone to lend a hand or used a trolley, you would struggle less, get the box to where you need to move it to in half the time and prevent a back injury or strain. You might also connect with another person and learn something from that person and open up the possibility of a meaningful relationship. Counselling at The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic allows you to do just that: struggle less, get to where you want to go quicker and prevent further strain. Now, counselling is not a "magic pill" and it does require effort and can, at times, be very confronting and challenging. You may look at feelings, thoughts, and emotions that you have spent a long time pushing aside. Where a person has been through a personal trauma, abuse or violence, this process can be painful at first before the healing can begin. We liken this a bit like pouring antiseptic solution on a physical wound. It cleans and disinfects which stings and causes more pain but then allows the healing process to take place properly without the risk of infection and minimising scarring.

Counselling usually involves looking at the ugly side of life and of who we are so that we can make positive changes. But it can also be very effective for people who simply want to get more out of life or get better at something.

Psychology research is continuously giving us greater insight into the human mind and behaviour. Positive psychology gives us strategies to get the most out of life, build happiness, deal with destructive emotions, leading to happier more fulfilling lives.
You may be pretty happy with how life is going but long to get more intimacy and closeness from your partner. Or you may want to work on motivation to achieve a particular goal or challenge. At The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic, we combine the traditional, tried and tested, with the new and innovative in counselling, psychology, and therapy to assist you to get the most out of your life and your relationships. We believe counselling is for everyone who believes that things can be different and who want to bring out the best in themselves.

A bit like personal training but for your soul.

People who come to counselling, engage in therapy, and use psychology services are incredibly brave and committed to doing whatever they can to address a certain issue in their lives. We see working with our clients as a great privilege and precious partnership. We value the trust our clients place in us and the privilege of joining them in their journey through life for a while. Our biggest reward is seeing our clients succeed, connect with life and loved ones and living a life they love.
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