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Relationship Counselling Melbourne

Relationships counselling can be really beneficial regardless of the stage of the relationship. Many people seek out relationships counselling when they are experiencing difficulties and emotional stress in their relationship but many people also seek out relationships counselling as a way of engaging in pre-martial counselling and preparation for commitment.

What are the benefits of Relationship Counseling in Melbourne?

Relationships counselling can be used to learn valuable skills of connecting and communicating with others and being more comfortable with physical and emotional intimacy, even when you have struggled to have a close intimate relationship in the past. When you have decided that your relationships is at an end and you are facing separation and divorce, relationships counselling can assist to make a difficult and complex process more manageable and bearable. It can provide valuable support at a time when complex and intense emotions make thinking clearly and making difficult decisions challenging.

Marriage Counselling Melbourne

Marriage counselling can assist in identifying and addressing common areas of conflict such as conflict with in-laws, finances, child-rearing practices, and estrangement.

Marriage counselling can also assist in working through infidelity and rebuilding trust after an affair.

Relationships counselling works towards building conflict resolution skills, strengthening the bond between couples and improving communication, regardless of whether you are in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship.

Couples Counseling and relationship therapy Melbourne

Couples counseling often works to illuminate family of origin issues and patterns of behaviour that impact on our relationships and are related to beliefs and expectations shaped by our upbringing.

Relationship therapy in Melbourne may involve cognitive behaviour therapy designed to identify automatic thoughts and core beliefs or schema therapy which identifies how early attachment experiences have shaped our core beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world. Emotion-focused therapy, which is often used in relationships counselling, helps to identify how experiences in our family of origin shape powerful feelings of intimacy in adulthood.

Meet our psychologists in Melbourne

Meet Dr. Elke Kellis - our clinical psychologist in Melbourne

Elke is a registered Medicare provider. This means that you can claim a Medicare rebate for part of the cost of your sessions for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year if you have a mental health care plan from your GP. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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Dr. Elke Kellis


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What we do - our therapeutic approach

Evidence based treatment

We are dedicated to providing high quality counselling services that adapt treatment strategies to your personal situation and needs, aimed at developing a unique, individualised treatment plan for you to assist in improving therapy outcomes for you.

The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic Melbourne offers clinically proven, evidence-based psychological treatments and therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, loss, anger, stress management, relationship issues, clinical medical hypnosis as well as professional supervision and secondary consultation via Telehalth and in person at 407 St. Kilda Road Melbourne.
From our initial assessment in your first session, to our ongoing collaboration on therapy goals, regular reviews of therapy progress, incorporating feedback and our joint evolving understanding of your concerns, we are dedicated to travelling with you on your therapy journey and working with you to enhance your well-being.

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." 

- Winston Churchill 

Why The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic?

Red is commonly associated with emotions and has cultural significance for many nationalities and peoples. It is a primary colour that is often associated with passion, sacrifice, caution, and courage.

As we are dedicated to both supporting you through your therapy journey and all the emotions this may raise, as well as incorporating the latest treatments and research findings into our clinical practice this is a very significant symbol for us.

A couch provides comfort and support after the tiring challenges of the day. It is a safe and comfortable place to sit alongside each other to talk and be together with whatever arises.

It is a traditional symbol for therapy work.

It provides a space to reflect and recharge, to shift perspective and try on new ideas.

At The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic you can expect to receive high quality, individualised care and a personalised treatment plan that is developed collaboratively with you to take into account your current symptoms, needs, and experience, your therapy goals, as well as our extensive knowledge of evidence-based treatment strategies and the latest therapy-outcome research findings of what is effective in therapy.

Our most viewed information:

Registered Medicare provider since 2009

Can I get a Medicare rebate to help with the cost of my counselling sessions? Yes. Medicare provides a rebate on focussed psychological strategies for eligible patients. Click here to find out more.

All of our Psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and follow strict ethical codes and clinical practice guidelines as required by law in Australia.
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The Red Couch Counselling & Psychology Clinic is proudly affiliated with the Black Dog Institute who provide educational, research and specialist clinical expertise in mood disorders such as depression.

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